Module 6 “Assessment Planning, Reporting and Feedback”

Do we need a change?

The time of assessment planning and reporting in school is a stressful time for most of the teacher whether they are old or new teachers. As a student, I experienced the struggle on accepting timely feedback from my instructor, so as with the teachers I guess. I do understand their efforts on providing effective assessment, reporting of grades and feedback. It is not that easy.

Looking and thinking at the challenges of reporting feedback and assessment in time, it is necessary to have professional strategies to incorporate into the teacher’s practice. Strategies such as follows up and maintaining communication, organizing the materials that’s been using, and planning and preparation for its success can be applied as a survival guide if ever an instructor may encounter such difficulty in giving timely feedback. Teachers must provide timely, effective and appropriate feedback to students about their achievement relative to the learning goals. As I have learned in this module that teachers should select from a range of tools to provide targeted feedback based on the student’s need. Using feedback effectively is critical to help student like me, in reaching my academic goal.

Rubrics for me, is still useful to allow students to be aware of what the teacher is looking for. Just what I have mentioned on the other activity, rubrics have also its benefits. First, it helps them assess the assignments consistently from student-to-student, thus can save time in grading both short-term and long-term. Second, it will clarify expectations and components of an assignment for students, give timely, effective feedback and promote student learning in a sustainable way. Lastly, an instructor’s teaching skills will be refined by evaluating rubric results.

Throughout the process of planning, reporting and feedback, I must say it posits everything in the process of teaching and assessment cycle from the start-up to the transfer of knowledge and in the interpretation of the results gathered. I’ve been thinking about how difficult it is to make big changes and try to transform this into something that makes sense. For me, there is no need for a change, instead redefining the use of assessment tools as much as possible.


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