Continuing education, makes sense!

Each person have different reasons for continuing their education. Every one has their own purpose. I maybe one of them. So, is this making sense?

According to Paulo Freire, he believed that “education makes sense because women and men learn that through the learning they can make and remake themselves”. For other people, it’s all about more money and different life. For me, continuing education is important. Here’s why:

  1. Be more qualified for the position – because employers now are looking for the most qualified candidates for the job.
  2. Gain confidence – A good leader should have a complete confidence that will help expand not only their horizons, but with others (especially as an educator).
  3. Improve discipline – the higher the education is, the more focused we are to get things done.
  4. Security in the future – any credentials, we earn, stays with us for life.
  5. Better lifestyle – A degree will help us push through and separate us from the status quo.


What more can I say, It really does make sense.